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Discover the new approach local businesses are using to generate a consistent flow of traffic, leads, and clients, even if other businesses have been around longer than you!
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Local businesses need a different approach to online marketing.

Online marketing for local businesses has its own pros and cons.


Building trust and establishing authority is easier within your community, where you have personal connections. Moreover, there is less competition, making marketing for local brands more accessible and affordable compared to national brands.


However, reaching your target audience becomes more challenging due to its smaller size. Unlike national brands, who can focus on a single platform like Facebook, not everyone in your community is constantly present on one social media. Therefore, you must tap into multiple lead sources simultaneously.

Free Google Business Profile Setup

We'll optimize your Google Business Profile for maximum visibility, absolutely free - no strings attached.

    There's no catch. We know where most mistakes happen and can greatly boost your business's discoverability. We can also help with reviews, traffic, and leads, if you'd like. Our goal is to support your success.

    How our three-step framework generates a steady flow of clients.

    Allowing you to concentrate on serving your clients and growing your business!

    Bring more traffic

    To attract more traffics, visibility and authority are important. Alongside an authoritative website, you need a strong presence on social media and various online business directories. Engaging branding with content marketing will capture attention, while an automated system will collect customer reviews, building social proof and authority. That’s how you get more traffics.

    Capture more leads

    Thanks to your established authority and social proof, many people will be ready to work with you from the first click. However, we don't want to miss out on those interested but not yet ready to commit. Our lead magnets enable us to capture their email addresses, allowing us to nurture these leads even after they leave your website. Whether they're ready now or later, we've got you covered. That’s how you get more leads.
    More leads

    Convert more clients

    The ultimate goal is to fill your calendar with appointments. We make it seamless and convenient for people to book your services. Whether they contact you directly through your Google profile, respond to an email offer, or schedule an appointment on your website, we ensure a smooth process. With us, acquiring more clients is within reach. How do we know? Because we've been there!

    How do we know? Because we've been there!

    I'm Sheehab Muhammad, the founder of TaeniteLeads. I created this service to help you acquire more local clients without wasting your hard-earned money on mediocre web agencies.

    With over 9 years of experience, I've developed and implemented our unique three-step system tailored to the specific needs of local businesses. Whether you want to enhance your visibility, build trust, or outshine your more experienced competitors, this is for you.

    I understand the challenges and opportunities you face as a business owner. I know you need to see results quickly, and dealing with the intricacies of online marketing can be overwhelming. That's why we take care of everything for you.
    Focus on your core business; we'll bring you the clients.

    What people say about us...

    "Sheehab is great to work with. His team is courteous and prompt with their resolutions, and keeps in contact the whole way through."

    Brent LeBlanc

    Chief Technology Officer @ Medicare Insurance
    "Taenite is one of the most skilled and efficient full-stack developer teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Their work has helped generate millions of dollars in revenues for my clients."
    Dave long's headshot

    David Long

    Managing Director @ DTL Marketing Pty Ltd.
    "It was easy to get started with Taenite. After working with them, we started seeing results within weeks. They are awesome."

    Parris M.

    Co-founder Nanite

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    - How to build trust and authority in your community even if you're just getting started.
    - How to get clients to choose to work with you even before you talk to them.

    Best of all, you'll see how we do all of this for you so you don't have to spend any time on it.
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